Xray dominates 2006 US TC Nationals.

(Source: Xray)

(...) After the qualifications it is clearly obvious that the T2 will be as in previous years, a car hard to beat and the XRAY USA team will be as in the past years at the pace leading the racing and again rising the bar. In the Factory 19Turn category XRAY has put 7 out of 10 cars in A main and in Modified Sedan category 4 cars. In the total XRAY team set 3x TQ - 19T, Modified and Brushless. At this moment XRAY is the most successful after the qualification and we have been all looking with an excitement for the final runs scheduled on Sunday. (...)

Factory 19Turn A main:
1. Dumas, Mike - XRAY T2 - TQ
2. LeMieux, Paul - XRAY T2
3. Burch, Ralph - XRAY T2
4. Blackstock, Mike - XRAY T2
5. Goetz, Christopher
6. Robinson, Peter - XRAY T2
7. Easton, Billy
8. Ellis, Drew - XRAY T2
9. Lopez, Alexander - XRAY T2
10. Tosolini, Chris

Modified Sedan A main:
1. LeMieux, Paul - XRAY T2
2. Easton, Billy
3. Blackstock, Mike - XRAY T2
4. Francis, Matt
5. Burch, Ralph - XRAY T2
6. Dumas, Mike - XRAY T2
7. Tosolini, Chris
8. Darroch, Raymond
9. Baker, Barry
10. Gray, Andrew

Stock Foam Touring A main:
4th Alex Lopez - XRAY T2

Brushless Sedan A main:
1st: Chris Doseck - XRAY T2 - TQ


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