Team Orion 1600 Marathon receiver pack

(Source: Team Orion)

Team Orion, the worldwide leader in R/C battery technology, is happy to announce the release of the Marathon 1600 - the latest, most powerful NiMH energy source available for your nitro vehicle.

Assembled using the latest edition, highest quality NiMH cells and materials, the all-new Marathon 1600 delivers unparalleled run time with maximum reliability for those long main events or extended backyard fun. Built with various applications in mind, Team Orion offers the Marathon 1600 in six optimized configurations equipped with industry leading 20-gauge wire and a universal plug for both the serious racer or hobby enthusiast.

Maximum capacity, high quality materials, and new super value pricing make the Marathon 1600 the best choice when it comes to powering nitro vehicle electronics.

ORI12227 Marathon 1600 mAh Standard hump (fits most cars)
ORI12228 Marathon 1600 mAh 1/8 On-road stick
ORI12229 Marathon 1600 mAh 1/8 Off-road hump
ORI12230 Marathon 1600 mAh XXX-NT hump
ORI12231 Marathon 1600 mAh RC10GT
ORI12232 Marathon 1600 mAh Associated w/RTR plug

Team Orion


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