HPI Savage X

(Source: HPI)

The most popular Big Block monster truck in the world... just got even better!

The Savage monster truck has proven its success as the world's greatest Big Block monster truck through a continually increasing series of powerful bashers! At each evolutionary step, the Savage has been improved upon to increase strength, durability, toughness and performance and keep the Savage at the peak of radio controlled rampage.

With the new Savage X this time the jump is even further!

All the defining features that identify a Savage have been brought forward to form the foundations of the Savage X such as the TVP chassis and innovative 8-shock suspension .

The Savage X now adds to its armoury. A lower centre of gravity has been achieved using the new 'X' TVP chassis which lowers the engine, centre gearbox and radio gear by 5mm compared to the Savage 25, giving greater handling and faster lap times .

At the heart of the Savage trucks always has been their HPI Nitro Star big block engines. The S25 engine has provided reliable and consistent power for a generation of Savage monster trucks. The Savage X now comes equipped with a brand new HPI engine that is even more powerful: massive power transfer, high torque and easy configuration in one complete package , the Nitro Star F4.1 !

The F4.1's increased power and torque is also combined with extra cooling to keep performance at its peak. With an up-rated crank case the F4.1 is also now one of the most reliable and durable big block engines available on the market and is guaranteed to leave you wanting for nothing from your Savage X monster truck.

HPI Savage X


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