Interview of Jilles Groskamp by Trinity

(Source: Trinity)

Found on the Trinity website, this interview of Jilles Groskamp:

"SP: Recently you finished second at the DHI Cup with your new sponsor Trinity. What did you think of the horsepower from the new Cobalt 2?

JG: This was the first race with my new sponsor Trinity. The power of the new Cobalt 2 motor was really good and very consistent. Running it the second time without maintenance it was even better! The feeling of the motor is different then the motors I used to race in that they feel to have more power through out the power band. I like the way you solder the wires on the endbell, it’s very easy and there is enough material to absorb brush heat so the wires do not unsolder.


SP: How do you compare how Trinity runs the team compared to your previous sponsor?

JG: My previous sponsor Peak has grown to a pretty big team here in Europe with lots of drivers. This has been difficult for me because you’re one of many drivers. This makes it also difficult for the team manager to keep everybody happy. There are just so many “Good” battery packs and motors to go around and everyone of course thinks they deserve the best.

Chad Phillips and I worked great together at the DHI Cup by analyzing every race. After a race we talk about were to improve and what to do for the next race. On the end of the race we both learned a lot and we definitely were one of the fastest out there! It takes time to get used to working with your team manager in R/C just like it does in real auto racing. There has to be a chemistry and trust between the two. After a while your team manager will know what changes to make for the next race before the previous ones done and you will be in full agreement. Kind of like 2 brains working as one. Jim Dieter and Paul Lemieux have this type of relationship and you can see the results lately.

Away from the racing, Trinity keeps me updated about new stuff and improvements every week and I keep them updated about my test results. (...)"

To read the complete interview of Jilles Groskamp, please join the original page on the Trinity website.




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