Virtual RC version 3.1

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VRC has released version 3.1. The most significant changes are:
- multi-language
- integrated VRC account registration
- adjustable AI car speed
- adjustable track speed

Virtual RC

To make VRC more accessible to non-English racers, VRC is now available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. More languages will be made available when these languages sets are ready. If you are upgrading from v3 to v3.1 you can download the upgrade package in your prefered language. If you are first-time player, download the complete installation package in your prefered language.

To simplify the creation of your VRC account this is now done from within the game. When you are a first-time user of VRC, the 'New account' window will open right after you have installed VRC on your computer. You can no longer create a new VRC account on the VRC website. VRC members with existing VRC accounts should not create a new account but use their old login name and password.

This is an interesting new feature that allows you to play with the speed of the AI cars. This is particular useful for less experienced racers so they can adjust the speed of the AI cars to their own skill level.

You can also adjust the grip of the track, from very slippery (70%) till very high grip (105%). For off-line practice you can adjust this yourself, for online racing this can be adjusted differently for each round of a particular event, just like in real. This will add another race variable that you will have to deal with and prepare yourself for. The actual track grip information will only be available during the time the round is actually ran.


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