Serpent 960 new parts

(Source: myTSN)

903189 - Middle Bracket set alu S960 / 950

Middle bracket set consisting of aluminium middle bracket, aluminium middle shaft, 2 lightweight pulley adaptors and 2 bearings. The set comes with the required fastening material.

Serpent parts

903191 - Chassis set S960 LCG Pro

Complete LCG chassis set for the Serpent 960. Features the grey hard anodised chassis plate, carbon filler plate and the LCG engine monoblock. Comes complete with the required fasteners.

Serpent parts

903192 - Chassis S960 LCG/Pro

Grey anodised LCG chassis plate for the Serpent 960

Serpent parts

903193 - Filler-plate carbon for LCG chassis

Carbon filler plate, to be used only with the optional LCG chassis for the Serpent 960.

Serpent parts

903194 - Mono block M21 LCG

Machined aluminium engine mono block for use with the Serpent 960 LCG chassis. Comes supplied with mounting screws.

Serpent parts

903195 - Battery-plate carbon closed

Carbon fibre battery plate for the Serpent 960.

Serpent parts


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