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#3214-00 - Crowd Pleazer 2.0 Kyosho MP 777 SP2

The Crowd Pleazer 2.0 body has proven itself as the highest performing body on the market. Now Pro-Line continues the legacy once more with the release of the 777 SP2 Crowd Pleazer 2.0.

The Crowd Pleazer 2.0 is certain to provide racers with the groundbreaking design cues they demand in a body. Incorporating ultra-low styling, original bodylines, and functionality to bring you the latest in high performance race technology, the Crowd Pleazer 2.0 for the Kyosho SP2.


#3215-00 - Crowd Pleazer 2.0 - Mugen MSR

Performance. Performance is defined as the way something works. In the case of the Crowd Pleazer 2.0, the performance equals that of the Mugen truggy. The low profile of the new Crowd Pleazer 2.0 is a must for any performance hungry racer.

Function. As with other forms of racing, function is necessary to achieve the best result possible. Combining National Championship winning designs creates greater function for better results. Top off your Mugen MSR with Crowd Pleazer 2.0.

Style. The saying is: if it does not go, chrome it. Meaning if you or the vehicle is not fast then you might as well look good going slow. In the case of the Crowd Pleazer 2.0, you won't have to chrome anything, as the sleek body style and the race inspired design that looks good no matter what.

When you’re looking for an alternative to outfit your Mugen MSR and want to enhance the overall performance, function, and style then check out the all-new Crowd Pleazer 2.0.


#1127-00 - Bow Tie MT

The Bow-Tie Monster Truck tire is today’s choice. It works on just about any surface, lasts virtually forever, and has captured championship after championship. However, with the release of the Crime Fighter MT, the need for an alternative narrow MAXX tire was evident. The Bow Tie MT is just that.

The Bow Tie MT still utilizes the same standard MAXX size wheel but now incorporates a narrower carcass. This makes the tire 15% lighter then the standard MAXX Bow Tie. The reduced rotating weight and narrow design allow quicker acceleration and corner speed to be achieved.

If you have relied on the MAXX Bow Tie to this point and are looking to up the anti, then check out the all-new Bow-Tie MT MAXX tire.


#3216-00 - Crowd Pleazer Cavalieri Edition B4

What do you get when you mix one of the worlds most talented r/c drivers with one of the most sought after brands on the market today? You get a body that surpasses all your expectations. Introducing the Cavalieri edition Crowd Pleazer for the RC10 B4.

Ryan Cavalieri combines his years of electric off-road experience with the finesse of Pro-Line’s product development team to produce a body that goes beyond the traditional Crowd Pleazer design. “Design makes a huge difference in the handling of the 1:10 off-road buggy believe it or not. The design was developed to enhance the handling characteristics of the B4 while allowing for greater tuning ability with the two different wing configurations,” says Ryan.

The two wings offer two different levels of performance. The first is more of the standard size buggy wing allowing for flexibility on a variety of track surfaces. The second wing is a full ½” wider giving the rear of your car more traction is slippery conditions. Both wing’s side dams can be cut out to desired size for additional tune ability.

When you’re ready to race like a pro with a pro’s influence, then check out the all-new Crowd Pleazer Cavalieri Edition body.


#9014-02 - Crime Fighter 1:8 (M3 Compound)

With the release of the Inside Job 1:8 tire in M3 compound, racers everywhere have been contacting us for an alternative tire in M3 compound, the wait is over. Introducing the ultra-soft M3 compound Crime Fighter tire.

If you’ve been faced with track conditions that remind you of go-carting on a slick track then M3 compound is for you. It’s specially formulated to give you the most out of your car in the most extreme conditions. The ultra-soft compound allows the tread and carcass to flex adhering to the surface below.

When you’re ready to conquer the most extreme conditions your 1:8 buggy faces, check out the Crime Fighter in ultra-soft M3 compound.


Pro-Line Hot Flame Sweatshirt

Sick of that old stained race sweatshirt? Then check out the latest in Pro-Line apparel, the Hot Flame Sweatshirt. It boasts authentic looking flames with the latest Pro-Line logo and is available in adult medium to XX-Large.

When you’re looking for the latest in clothing trends, then check out Pro-Line’s new Hot Flame sweatshirt.

#9961-02 Medium
#9961-03 Large
#9961-04 XL
#9961-05 XXL




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