Copyright of RC infos despoiled by!

We are ourselves shocked by what it occurred this week: our photographs were stolen by another website, despoiling thus the most elementary of the rights on Internet, the copyright.

The affair:

Our photographs of the Motonica P8.0 taken by ourselves in Nuremberg were changed to remove the mention "Nuremberg ' 06 - Copyright:" and published on the Italian website

We cannot accept that, and will never accept it. Our vigilence is always in awakening, and such a thing has little chance to escape from it. We thus prepared a legal procedure, while making note that by an usher and our lawyer. In order to show the reality of the damage, and if the criminals would withdraw the accused photographs, we carried out many screenshots.

We feel ourselves spoiled because it acts of a particular report: we went personally to Nuremberg, the voyage and the stay had a cost, we invested ourselves for this report, discussing lengthily with the exhibitors, taking many photographs (more than 800), etc. Then we accept even less than individuals, true delinquent of Internet, which was not able to move as we did, takes again simply our photographs, removes the mention of the copyright, and publishes an article which did not require any effort and any imagination of them.

We have expenses, a team of reporters (five people including one full-time for 2006), our website became professional, realized by a graduate webdesigner, we have partners and advertisers which granted their confidence to us. It is not a small website of a private individual, who just place two or three news the evening after work, but of a real RC magazine on line.

Last minute (monday 20 january):

Automodellismo added the mention "Copyright RC Infos" on his picture's page, and just sent us a mail, after our protest.

Mail received from

"Sorry for the mis-undestanding;

a german collaborator of us mailed many pictures from Nuremberg , including your pictures...

I will insert the Copyrights: with the link just now.



Obviously, we will never know the reality of the facts, but there is anyway a person who took time to cut the photographs in order to remove the mention of the copyright from it.

Our philosophy is as follows:

1. We want to publish beautiful photographs, this is why we do not put "a large" RC Infos logo on the center of those, even attenuated and translucent, as many sites do it. We feel that too unpleasant not to be able to look at a clear photograph without direct mention on the subject. We thus prefer to put a text to mention the copyright beside the subject of the photograph, generally on an edge, on bottom etc, where it can be quite visible without denaturing the photograph.

2. We accept without problem that others websites use our photographs, our articles and our texts, if they mention the origin clearly and that they do not modify the photographs. That very often occurs that we find our photographs on others websites, and we use ourselves information of others websites which we publish on RC Infos by mentioning the source.

Below, here three photographs which show the situation perfectly.

Our original picture on RC Infos:

You can clearly see in top, the mention "Nuremberg ' 06 - Copyright: ".

We placed it where it denatures less the image, in order to present the best photographs possible to you.


The same found on

Our photo was quite simply recut, in order to remove the mention "Nuremberg ' 06 - Copyright: ".

Obviously, while thus placing our mention, we provide beautiful photographs, but with the risk to see them stolen like this.


Protected picture:

Perhaps will be us obliged to make as follows: logo RC infos protects definitely better our copyright, but we find horrible to publish photographs like this.

Thus if you do not wish that we must publish our photographs like this, respect the right of the copyright on Internet.



Here are our screenshots of, put together for you, in order to show you the exact situation. Not less than 10 photographs of RC Infos have been stolen.



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