Cen Mini Nitro Truck

(Source: Cen Racing)

"Mini G-Unit


Andrew Smolnik from CEN Racing was seen with a glow igniter, fuel, fuel bottle and what appeared to be a Mini Madness. But as we all know the Mini Madness is electric powered. We did manage to sneak in a picture before Andrew kicked us off the premises. You be the judge! What does CEN Racing have up their sleeve? Very suspicious if you ask us.

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Our Spy confirmed the following. This Mini gas truck "Mini G-unit" is in the class of 1/12 scale utilizing a .16 engine.
- Full time Shaft Drive 4WD
- Completely Ready to Run with Skyion DSX Radio
- Powerful .16 Engine
- Compatible with 1/10 standard size wheel, tire, suspension, servo,...etc"

CEN Mini Nitro Truck

CEN Mini Nitro Truck


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