Novak Velocity 4.5 Motor

(Source: Team Novak)

Like all Novak brushless motors, the Velociti 4.5R is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Each motor is factory hand-wound and is put through rigorous testing, including a final dyno test to ensure that each Velociti motor meets Novak’s rigid specifications.

Although the Velociti 4.5R sports the same dimensions as the Velociti 5.5R, the Velociti 4.5R is faster and features a few cool upgrades. The coolest, and most noticeable difference is the set of ribbed end bells. Not only do the lightweight aluminum end bells make the overall weight of the motor lighter, the ribbed design also acts as a heat sink by efficiently removing excessive heat from the motor.

Another upgrade to the motor design is the improved solder tab system. Novak’s low-resistant, direct solder wire tabs have always been convenient, assuring users the lowest possible voltage drop, as well as easy and convenient power wire replacement. Novak’s new lower-resistant connectors allow for even more flexible soldering options, and are even more efficient and easy to use.

Novak Velocity 4.5


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