Serpent 960 new parts

(Source: myTSN)

903143 - Roll center spacer 1mm carbon

Set of 6 roll centre spacers. 1mm in thickness they are suitable for use under the front suspension brackets of the Serpent 960 to adjust roll center.

New from Serpent, for use with the 960, are these carbon fibre roll centre spacers. Coming as a set of 3 left and right 1mm spacers they have a large effect on the front-end grip. Increasing the amount of spacers placed under the front suspension brackets will lower the roll centre. This increases the front-end grip, which results in more steering, especially on throttle.

Serpent 960 parts

903198 - Pulley Solid axle 51T Fast

Composite rear 51T Fast pulley for use on the Serpent 960, 950R, 950 and Vector.

Introducing the latest performance enhancing optional for the Serpent 960. A replacement for the standard 51T rear pulley, this composite part features a new disc like appearance. Testing has shown that this new profile adds approximately a 3kmh increase in top speed. This is possible due to the pulley’s new profile that is devoid of ribs or any other wind resistant features, allowing the part to rotate unrestricted.

Serpent 960 parts


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