HPI Hellfire Shock Springs

(Source: HPI Europe)

87525 - HPI Hellfire Shock Springs Set

For more convenience the optional Shock Springs for the Hellfire are available as a set including all 6 pairs.

The different springs have different stiffness and will make the suspension harder or softer depending on which spring is used. This offers a wide range of tuning of the suspension to the surface to improve the handling of the car on a variety of tracks.

The different sizes relate to the thickness of the wire used to make the springs. The thicker the wire or a lower number of coils mean that the spring is stiffer than a spring with thinner wire or more coils. Each spring features black plating with painted markings to help identify the different spring rates.

HPI Hellfire Shock Springs

86549 - Shock Springs Blue

18x80x1.5mm 12.5 Coils/Blue 71GF/MM

HPI Hellfire Shock Springs

86550 - Shock Springs Silver

18x80x1.5mm 10.5 Coils/Silver 89GF/MM

HPI Hellfire Shock Springs

86551 - Shock Springs Pink

18x80x1.8mm 14.5 Coils/Pink 134GF/MM

HPI Hellfire Shock Springs

86553 - Shock Springs White

18x80x1.8mm 12.5mm Coils/White 159GF/MM

HPI Hellfire Shock Springs

86554 - Shock Springs Yellow

18x80x1.8mm 11.5mm Coils/Yellow 177GF/MM

HPI Hellfire Shock Springs

86555 - Shock Springs Red

18x80x1.8mm 10.5mm Coils/Red 196GF/MM

HPI Hellfire Shock Springs


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