Atomic Multi Diff for Mugen MTX4

(Source: Atomic RC)

Special Features:

Multi-Drive allows itself to be changed vice-versa between a :
one-way ,one-way solid or, solid axle just by inserting the locking axle/ lock pin


Shock Body: Made of 7075 Alumium, durable and light weight.
Diff. Joint and lock Axle is treated by Strengthed Threatment.


# one-way, that left and right outdrives turn independently when off-power.
# one-way solid, both left and right outdrives turn together off-power
# Solid axle, means the Multi-Drive is fully locked and it will work as a full-time solid axle.

#MTX1 - Atomic Multi-Drive for MTX-4

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LOSA7207P Front Taper-Pin Tires w/Foam (Pink)

Atomic Multi Diff

One-Way - When to Use?

Surface traction is high enough that the car leans towards off-power understeer and you don't need brakes when cornering. One-Way will maximise off-power steering and increase run-time and efficiency. Best suited to driver who like a smooth driving style.

Atomic Multi Diff

One-Way Solid - When to Use?

Traction is fair to high and the track does not require braking for the corners. Gives good off-power steering and efficiency.

Atomic Multi Diff

Solid Axle - When to Use?

Traction is low to mid, the car tends to leans towards off-power oversteer. Or when the track requires hard braking for the small corners. Solid Axle gives less off-power steering and also run time. Best suited to an aggressive driving style.

Atomic Multi Diff

#MTX2 - Atomic Diff-joint for Multi Drive (2pcs)

Atomic Multi Diff

#MTX3 - Atomic Lock Axle Set for Multi-diff

Atomic Multi Diff


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