CRC News - March 2006

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#1580 - 3mm Graphite Top Brace for X-Ray T2

This new carbon fiber top plate for the new X-Ray T2 replaces the flexible stock plate and is a must have for all carpet and high grip asphalt racers.

CRC's new revised Top Deck has no countersinks, and now, no screws are included. This was done to allow the brace to "absorb" some of the inconsistencies in the stock X-ray bulkheads. We found that with our former countersunk piece, a top tray that fit perfect on one T2 car, would tweak a second T2 car. This leaves us to conclude that the bulkheads are slightly off. With a countersunk screw, there is little room for any tolerances. The screw is "locked" into position with the angled countersunk head. The new revised part is much more tolerant and fits great on most every T2.

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#4278 - Machined Delrin T-Bar Pivot Pieces w/ matched Aluminum Ball

Tired of the cheesy molded plastic pivot piece causing too much free play in your t-bar or monoball? CRC has the answer with our new machine Delrin pivot pieces. Perfectly machined, with no play and super smooth pivot action.

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#4279 - Strut Front End "Ball Popper"

The pivot balls in many of the front ends on the market are very delicate. They need to be round and smooth with no marks from pliers or tools used to insert them into their sockets. CRC's new steel ball insert tool not only inserts the balls into the sockets, but also removes them. No marks, scratches ..super smooth pivot action.

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Adjustable Front End Pro-Brace

There is a balance between stiffness and smooth handling. Simply making a chassis as stiff as possible could lead to ill handling. A certain amount of flex is desirable in the chassis and between suspension members.

CRC now offers a front end brace that allows some flex while bracing the 2 upper arm mounts on the strut front end. The brace set includes both male and female aluminum telescoping pieces as well as a package of o-rings and spacers to allow the user to get just the right fit. The brace works with both stock plastic upper mounts and aluminum upper A-arm mounts.

#4287 - 1/12th Front End Pro-Brace - Red
#4288 - 1/12th Front End Pro-Brace - Silver
#4289 - 1/12th Front End Pro-Brace - Blue

CRC News


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