Novak's Switch Synthesized 75 MHz Transmitter Module

(Source: Novak)

Novak's Switch Synthesized 75 MHz Transmitter Module just received an update. The Switch is now compatible with Airtronics' M8 and M11 transmitter.

The Switch Synthesized 75 MHz M8 Module is specifically designed for use with Airtronics’ M8 and M11 Transmitter. It is FCC-approved, and has a narrow-band PPM transmission. With its unique ability to synthesize all thirty 75 MHz channels without changing a transmitter crystal, there will be plenty of people switching out their stock Airtronics M8 or M11 module and replacing it with the Switch. For a completely crystal-less experience, the Switch can be used with its ideal counterpart: the XXtra Synthesized Receiver. This dynamic combination makes running a car at the track extremely convenient. Not only is switching channels easy, the cost savings from not having to purchase extra crystals is another great incentive to make the switchover.

Novak's Switch


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