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A new version of Virtual RC Racing has been launched, version 3.2. A few important issues have been tackled in this version. The most important problem solved is the inconsistence in car performance that was reported by several racers. Especially at longer runs, and also during online competitions a change in lap times was sometimes experienced without any changes to the car. This was a tough bug to tackle but our physics expert Todd Wasson has been able to track it down with the help of some racers. Thanks for that. Your support is much appreciated and without it it is very hard to find such problems and next finding the cure for it.

Another bug that sneaked into version 3.1 was related to weather condition and altitude settings in the game. Although these are not visible in the game itself, they are actually programmed in but especially when changing tracks you could suddenly have a much less performing car.

While Todd was on it he also found an ‘imperfection’ so to say with the rear anti-roll bar. This part has been improved and has resulted in better handling of the curbs, especially in 1:8 scale.

There were also some issues with the creation of new accounts from within the game itself, but mainly with Asian languages. This part has been redesigned.

An upgrade package v3.1 to v3.2 is available from Game downloads.
This package is for the English version, other language versions will be released a.s.a.p.

During this upgrade we have made some non-performance related but necessary changes to several tracks. You are advised to download all the tracks except for Oslo and install them in the VRC Tracks folder to have your tracks up to date. The version number of the track has not changed however, but the unlocking codes have.

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