Futaba 3PKS - Synthesized

(Source: Futaba)

3PK Super — Now fully synthesized!

It's been THE system of choice for drivers of all skill levels; now Futaba takes 3PK technology to new heights with two versions that add even more features and convenience!

The 3PK Super has all of these upgrades...

Redesigned Keypad — with a large, easy-to-use jog button. This one button moves the cursor left, right, up or down; pushing the button in then accesses the function.

Vibrating Alert System — useful for monitoring battery levels, indicating Power On and Timer Up, as well as lap navigation

Expanded Driver Menu — featuring three levels and a “Big” menu especially for drivers of 1/5 scale and larger vehicles.

Throttle Mode Select — for choosing from two servo neutral points: 70/30, which offers more acceleration and less brake for nitro modelers, or the equal acceleration/brake 50/50 mode for electrics.

Double the Model Memory — up to 20 models, while still being compatible with the CAMPac module that can add another 10 models.

The main screen provides a wealth of information instantly: voltage levels; hours and minutes the radio has been on; model name; whether you're in High-Response or standard FM/PCM mode; dual rate settings; throttle ATM; steering and throttle trim settings, and more.

Futaba 3PKS

You'll still find all of the 3PK's most popular features, including:

You get a choice of quality Futaba receivers, including the R203HF High Response FM model (shown). When paired with digital servos in HRS mode, this receiver delivers response that's twice as fast as any other system. That means you can hit the curves hotter, brake later, turn quicker and accelerate sooner than you ever dared before!

With the Advanced Positioning Adapter, the wheel can be dropped or rotated to achieve the perfect "feel" in seconds.

-Large, backlit LCD screen with adjustable contrast and 128 x 64 resolution.
-" Direct Select" — single-button access to 8 pre-assigned functions
-Choice of "New Driver", "Race-Ready", "Big" or "Expert" menus that offer easier programming for sport drivers and more advanced programming levels for competitors
-Adjuster feature that restores compromised settings to Factory Default
-Assignable switch and dial functions
-Two programmable mixes for complex custom setups
-Digital trims and dials with automatic electronic memory
-Subtrims, servo reversing and EPA on all channels
-Failsafe and battery failsafe
-Easy conversion to right- or left-hand use
-Double dual rates, exponential and adjustable servo speed
-Up/Down, lap and system timers
-Direct Servo Control (DSC)*
-All this, in a system that weighs only 29 ounces!

Three different types of throttle curve make it easy to fine-tune response to track conditions and driving styles. Besides Expo and VTR, the 5-point throttle curve option offers accuracy and control to please even the most discriminating driver.

Futaba 3PKS

All racers have a few functions they use constantly. With Direct Select, you can create a list of any eight functions, bring it up with a quick push of a button, and open them just as easily.

Futaba 3PKS

Choosing the proper modulation is equally simplified; in fact, all of the 3PK Super's programming options are contained on two screens, for near-instant access!

Futaba 3PKS

Transmitter Module

The optional 27MHz synthesized module has one rotary adjustment for selecting channels 1-6. On the 75MHz version, two rotary adjustments offer channel choices from 61-90. Modelers simply dial in the channel they want — and go!

Futaba 3PKS

R303FHS Receiver

The optional R303FHS synthesized receiver features Auto Detection, which automatically indicates whether the transmitter is in Hi-Response or FM mode when it is turned on. It's a great upgrade for any Futaba FM radio!

Futaba 3PKS



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