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53899 - Reversible LW Sus Set - TA05/TB02/TA04

Alterations to #53794 now allow a lightweight reversible suspension system to be added to the TA05 chassis as well as the TB-02 and TA04. Newly added parts include #53823 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm) and #53825 TB Evolution IV 2.6 Stainless Suspension Shaft Set. The following parts have been removed: #53501, #53502, #51098, #51099.

*Note that swing shaft is not included and must be purchased separately according to the chassis used.

*Compatible chassis: TA05, TB-02, TA04, TRF415


53900 - 04 Module Spur Gear - 93T/104T (F103GT)

0.4 Module spur gear features finer teeth than standard kit-included 0.6 module gear, allowing minute ratio adjustment to improve acceleration and efficiency. Gear contains molybdenum for reduced friction resistance.

*Compatible chassis: Mesh with #53101 to #53101 (0.4 pinion gear) to use with F103 and C Car chassis.


53901 - TRF Special Damper - F103GT

Add these oil dampers to your F103GT Chassis for even better performance. Low friction fluorine coating of cylinder, together with titanium coated piston, secures smooth damper movement. Adjustable type spring retainer allows for fine tuning of spring pressure.

*Compatible chassis: F103 and C Car chassis


53902 - F103GT Aluminum Motor Mount

Blue anodized aluminum mount features durable construction capable of maintaining precise center distance, as well as improved heat dissipation. Perfect for use with Item 53900 04 Module Spur Gear or during long-distance races.

*Compatible chassis: F103RX, F103LM-TRF Special Chassis, F103GT Chassis.

*In order to use with F103, F103L, F103LM, F103RS Chassis, Item 53257 Height Adjustable Gear Case must be used.


53903 - F103GT Carbon Lower Deck

This 3.0mm thick carbon lower deck offers improved durability and 2.3g weight savings over the standard FRP deck. Perfect for use with Item 53394 F103LM Carbon Upper Deck.

*Compatible chassis: F103GT Chassis (may also be used with F103, F103L, F103LM Chassis that has been converted into an F103GT)


53904 - TA05 Carbon Center Plate

2.0mm thick carbon plate weighs only 2.1g, for a huge weight savings over standard part.


53905 - TA05 Aluminum Side Brace

Replace standard part with this blue aluminum side brace to improve roll rigidity.


53909 - LED Light Unit (TLU-01)

This LED light unit can be used to light up as many as16 individual LED lights. Perfect for adding LED lights to your R/C models, improving realism and amazing your friends. Unit comes with 2 red and 2 white colored LED lights.


53910 - LED Light (5 White)



53911 - LED Light (5 Red)



53912 - LED Light (5 Orange)




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