RPM LST2 A-arm Adapter Kit

(Source: RPM)

#73240 RPM LST2 A-arm Adapter Kit (Adapts RPM LST A-arms to fit the LST2)

The Losi LST2 uses similar, although a slightly wider outer hinge pin mount than the original LST. Our LST2 A-arm adapter kit makes up that difference and allows our ultra-durable LST A-arms (#73192 - black & #73195 - blue) to mount to the LST2. This kit, combined with RPM adjustable A-arms, allows any LST2 owner the luxury of adjustable camber, not presently available on the stock LST2.

This adapter kit includes 16 black molded nylon spacers (enough to complete all four corners of the truck) that fit perfectly when adapting RPM LST A-arms on the newer LST2. The conversion is as simple as removing the stock Losi A-arms from the LST2, installing a set of RPM LST A-arms, and placing one spacer off to either side of the A-arm at the upright.

Tech Note: RPM recommends that this kit be used in conjunction with RPM LST A-arms only – part #73192 & #73195 (sold separately).



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