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Aluminum Sedan Offset Wheel Hexes

Team Losi now offers another key tuning aid for your JRX-S or TC3/4 sedan. The new Aluminum Offset Wheel Hexes allow you to vary the track width and offset of the wheels. They also allow you to use wheels with different offsets while maintaining a given tread width. The LOSA9686 are exact replacements for the stock hexes as used in the Team Losi JRX-S. The LOSA9687 Hexes feature an additional .030" of positive offset while the LOSA9688 hexes have .060" more offset and are the same dimension as the stock Associated TC3/4 hexes. The design features a small shoulder to prevent the hex from rubbing on the bearing as well as a split and cap screw that clamps the hex in position making tire changes much easier. Each set includes a pair of hexes, axle pins, and the clamping screws.

LOSA9686 Aluminum .165"w (Stk) Wheel Hexes (2)
LOSA9687 Aluminum .195"w (+.030) Wheel Hexes (2)
LOSA9688 Aluminum .225"w (+.060) Wheel Hexes (2)

Team Losi

Spool Pulleys for the JRX-S

The LOSA3324 and 3325 Spool Pulleys allow you to quickly convert your front differential to a spool creating a dramatically different handling characteristic. The spool offers greater forward acceleration and the ability to use front brakes. These spool pulleys feature precision molded interlocking friction pads that under normal acceleration keep the front drive locked. Should the car become air born and land under power the pads allow a slight bit of momentary slip which helps absorb the extreme impact and help protect the drivetrain. The LOSA3324 is a 41tooth overdrive pulley with the molded friction pads preinstalled. The LOSA3325 is the standard 42tooth pulley with the friction pads installed.

LOSA3324 41T Spool Pulley & Pads JRX-S/XXX-S
LOSA3325 42T Spool Pulley & Pads JRX-S/XXX-S

Team Losi

Aluminum Wheel Hexes for the Mini-LST

The LOSB0945 Aluminum Wheel Hexes are a direct replacement for the stock molded pieces and take only a few minutes to install. Although not necessary for normal running these billet aluminum hexes are suggested when using high horsepower modified or brushless motors and when using your Mini-LST in extreme conditions where abnormal stress is seen. The LOSB0945 includes a complete set of four (4) precision-machined hexes that feature a blue anodized finish as well as a new set of drive pins.

LOSB0945 Alum. Wheel Hexes & Pins (4) Mini-LST

Team Losi

Titanium-Nitride Diff Gears For The LST/2

The new LOSB3535 Ti-Nitride Ring and Pinion gear set are exact replacements for the hardened steel gears used in the LST and LST2. These new gears are made to the same exacting specifications and tolerances from premium steel alloy and hardened for increased strength like the gears used in the LST/2. They then get an additional hi-tech Titanium–Nitride process that creates a super hard shell that also has a much higher lubricity. This means the gears mesh smoother for less resistance as well as longer wear.

LOSB3535 F/R Ti-Ni Diff Ring & Pinion LST/2

Team Losi


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