Serpent 960 New parts

(Source: MyTSN)

903190 - 960 carbon body support set

New for the Serpent 960 is this rear carbon body support. Comprising of a carbon plate with guide for the centring pin and two aluminium spacers to aid the mounting of the part. This attractive part is very light and the materials used allow for a very smooth function of the body mount centring system.

Serpent 960
  Serpent 960

802173 - Pulley / shim 22T mid-side alu

Made from aluminium, it is very light and because it’s anodised also very durable. The benefit of such anodising is that foreign debris like grass and sand finds it more difficult to attach itself to the teeth meaning less maintenance and your belts will last longer too.

Serpent 960

802170 - Pulley / shim 19T mid-center alu

Aluminium 19T mid center pulley for use on the Serpent 710. Comes supplied with grubscrew.

Serpent 960


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