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#3212-00 - Crowd Pleazer 2.0 fits Kyosho 777 ST-R

Performance, function, and style all come together in the new Crowd Pleazer 2.0 for the Kyosho 777 ST-R.

Performance. Performance is defined as the way something works. In the case of the Crowd Pleazer 2.0, the performance equals that of the Kyosho truggy. The low profile of the new Crowd Pleazer 2.0 is a must for any performance hungry racer.

Function. As with other forms of racing, function is necessary to achieve the best result possible. Combining National Championship winning designs creates greater function for better results. Top off your Kyosho 777 ST-R with Crowd Pleazer 2.0.

Style. The saying is: if it does not go, chrome it. Meaning if you or the vehicle is not fast then you might as well look good going slow. In the case of the Crowd Pleazer 2.0, you won't have to chrome anything, as the sleek body style and the race inspired design that looks good no matter what.

When you’re looking for an alternative to outfit your Kyosho 777 ST-R and want to enhance the overall performance, function, and style then check out the all-new Crowd Pleazer 2.0.


#6035-00 - Straight Shooter Fuel Gun

The Straight Shooter fuel gun derives from years of pit experience. A variety of information from Pro-Line’s team drivers was recorded to give you the fastest pit experience possible. The end result is a fuel gun that offers a wide array of features and benefits that any pit guy, or pit gal, will appreciate.

· Holds up to 170cc of fuel
· Dumps 135cc of fuel in just 1.5 seconds
· Super-smooth trigger action with precision fit and finish
· No leak O-rings on fuel reservoir and barrel
· Translucent fuel reservoir for easy visibility of fuel level
· 6061 aluminum black anodized end caps
· Ergonomic injection molded pistol grip
· Light weight and durable
· Stylish pad printed Pro-Line flame logo


New formula premium blend team-CA

Factory Team drivers are always searching for the ultimate tire CA. Now the search is over! Pro-Line has developed a new formula Team-CA line of tire glue that will give you the lasting edge over the competition.

Pro-Line's New Formula Premium Blend Team-CA combines consistency for better applications, a user friendly clog free tube applicator tip for hassle free glue bottle maintenance and most of all minimal to no cleaning on any surface is needed.

Available in thick and thin viscosity for all your tire mounting needs. Remember when your looking for professional tire CA then check out Pro-Line's new New Formula Premium Blend Team-CA.

Part #6005-01 (Thin, 5-10 seconds)
Part #6005-02 (Medium, 15-20 seconds)
Part #6006-01 (Thick, 25-30 seconds)


Velocity 17mm Wheel Fits Kyosho 777 ST-R and HPI Hellfire

Are you ready for a direct fit Velocity wheel for your 1:8 truck? Then check out Pro-Line’s new 17mm 1:8 truck wheel specifically designed for the Kyosho 777 STR and HPI Hellfire.

As with other Velocity wheels, special attention has gone into the design of the wheel. Lighter in weight then both the stock wheels of each kit, you will appreciate less rotating weight for increased acceleration. High-performance and durability are also integrated into the design making it tough enough for 3 plus horsepower 1:8 trucks. When you’re ready to get serious with your 1:8 truck then check out Pro-Line’s all-new Velocity 17mm wheel.

Part #2690-02 Yellow Velocity 17mm Wheel
Part #2690-04 White Velocity 17mm Wheel


#2689-01 - All-Purpose Wabash Chrome Wheel

Function and Versatility combine to bring the ultimate user friendly 1:10 truck wheel around. Introducing the All-Purpose Wabash 1:10 truck wheel for Team Associated RC10T3, T4 and GT, Team Losi XXX-NT and XXX-T; Traxxas nitro and electric X-Cellerator; and Traxxas Jato, Nitro Stampede and Nitro Rustler Trucks. The All-Purpose wheel provides endless amounts of options when it comes to Versatility. Simply buy the adaptor kit for your 1:10 truck kit and a set of the Wabash All-Purpose wheels and you’re ready to go. Now you’re ready to swap your front tires for with the rear, the rear with the front, swamp from kit-to-kit, or swap tires with a friend, it’s that simple!

Please note: Wheels and adaptors are sold separate. Once you have your adaptors, though, you will only need to purchase a pair of wheels to mount a new set of tires.


#2689-11 - All-Purpose Chrome wheel adaptors RC10 GT, T3, T4


#2689-21 - All-Purpose Chrome wheel adaptors Losi XXX-T, XXX-NT, & XTM X-Cellerator


#2689-31 - All-Purpose Chrome wheel adaptors Traxxas Rustler, Stampede, Jato



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