New Serpent oil

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Silicone Diff Oil

Serpent is pleased to release its new line of Silicone diff oils. Available in different oil thicknesses, this diff oil has been specifically created for use with Serpents latest gear differentials for the Serpent 710. Each bottle contains 50ml of diff oil and features a pointed nozzle to aid the filling of the differential.

The Silicone Diff oil comes in a number of different oil thicknesses:

#160001 - 1,000cst
#160003 - 3,000cst
#160005 - 5,000cst
#160007 - 7,000cst
#160010 - 10,000cst
#160030 - 30,000cst

Serpent oil

1683 - Premium Lube 20ml (transmission)

Bottle (20ml) of high grade lube for use in your cars transmission. Can also be used as an after run oil.

Serpent is pleased to present the multi purpose Premium Lube. Coming in a 20ml bottle this very fine oil is perfect for use with the cars transmission parts. Apply a few drops to the drive shafts, pulleys and belts to make sure everything runs freely and smoothly. Due to the very high quality of the oil used it can even be used as after run oil for your engine.

Serpent oil


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