New Tamiya TB Evolution 5 chassis

(Source: Tamiya USA)

Introducing the next generation of the shaft driven, high performance TB Evolution R/C racing car. In-depth analysis of the TB Evo IV’s racing performance and other driver feedback has enabled TRF designers to fully redesign chassis components to optimize center of gravity and weight balance.

- Steering unit has been located in even lower position, and totally redesigned to incorporate Ackerman steering geometry, realizing sharp and precise linear steering feel.
- Lower bulkhead has been redesigned for more compact, lighter design. New upper and lower bulkheads offer combined weight savings of 11.5g.
- Durable and high precision aluminum diff joint guarantees smooth diff effect under even the toughest conditions. Plastic swing shaft protector reduces friction with diff housing.
- Suspension system utilizes reversible type short span arms to greatly improve responsiveness.
Normal reversible suspension can be used, greatly increasing setting choices.

Basic Specifications:
- Chassis length: 364mm, Width: 188mm, Wheelbase: 257mm, Tread: Front & Rear 160mm
- Minimum Clearance: 5mm.
- Lower 2.5mm, upper 2.0mm carbon couble deck frame.
- All-new parts include aluminum upper & lower bulkheads, diff joint, steering arm, steering bridge, propeller shaft, center cup, motor heat sink, and heat sink motor mount.
- F/R carbon damper stays have been redesigned.
- Includes one-piece front one-way and rear ball differential.
- Small-size bumper for narrower chassis front.
- Full ball bearings and TRF Super low friction dampers.


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