Team Orion IB4200

(Source: Team Orion)

Team Orion is pleased to announce the release of the latest Intellect (IB) cell - the IB4200SHV.

The IB4200SHV’s large capacity extends run times while Team Orion’s world renowned V-Max Plus RDS voltage enhancement and testing methods increase voltage, lower internal resistance, and allow precision cell matching. Team Orion’s IB4200SHV cells are already proven winners. Marc Rheinard won the 2006 LRP Masters using these new cells. “I don’t want to use anything else ever again”, Marc explained after using these cells for the first time in competition. Because these cells feature the highest voltage and lowest internal resistance ever seen by Team Orion’s battery testing engineers, they are most powerful choice for Stock and 19-turn competition. Extra capacity allows modified drivers to install faster motor set-ups, resulting in lower lap times. Team Orion will begin shipping the IB4200SHV this month. Be sure to reserve yours by pre-ordering with your favorite retailer today!

ORI11311 IB4200SHV V-Max SPEC 6-cell
ORI11481 IB4200SHV V-Max Plus RDS Racer 6-cell
ORI11482 IB4200SHV V-Max Plus RDS Team 6-cell
ORI11485 IB4200SHV V-Max Plus RDS Racer 4-cell
ORI11486 IB4200SHV V-Max Plus RDS Team 4-cell

Team Orion IB4200


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