HB Cyclone New Dogbones

(Source: Hot Bodies Europe)

Here is the latest information on the driveshaft option parts for the HB Cyclones. They are also available as standard parts in different colours for the Cyclone Hara and Surikarn editions.

#61396 - Aluminium dogbone Ver.2

These replace #70710 Aluminum Dogbones. The new dogbone is now thicker and far more durable. Due to these changes, it will be necessary to use the new #61397 one-way cup joints with the new #61396 dogbones.

HB Cyclone New Dogbones

#61397 one-way cup joint Ver.2

This new one-way cup joint replaces the #HB70713 One-way cup joints This item is needed to use with the new #61396 dogbones Ver.2

HB Cyclone New Dogbones

#61398 HD universal dogbone steel front Ver.2

These new front steel universal dogbones replace the old #61043 HD universal dogbone steel front. #HB61398 steel dogbones have to be used with the new #61397 one-way cup joint Ver.2

HB Cyclone New Dogbones


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