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#1128-00 - 40 Series Mulcher

Who doesn’t want more selection of tires for their Monster Truck. Since diversity is a good thing, Pro-Line has released their ever popular Mulcher tread pattern for 40 Series owners.

The new 40 Series LP Mulcher is just what is states. It’s made for 40 Series wheels only, is low-profile in design, and is ready to mulch anything in its path. The gigantic lugs make the Mulcher versatile and performance driven. Grass, loamy dirt and even mud are no match for the Mulchers. They scream for the harshest of conditions and are a perfect tire to add to your collection.


#6043-00 - Dual-Purpose Aluminum Wrench - 5.5mm & 8mm

After the release of the 17mm and 23mm wheel wrenches, customers have been demanding more wrenches by Pro-Line. The new Dual-Purpose wrench fills a gap in the market by offering two of today’s most popular size nut drivers for 1:8 Buggy, 1:8 Truck, and Monster truck chassis-an 8mm nut driver on one side and a 5.5 mm on the other.

The dual-purpose wrench is made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Each side of the driver has an inner backstop to hold the nut secure. Blue, aluminum anodizing completes the driver with a bling-bling finish combined with a pad-printed Pro-Line logo.


#9908-00 - Pro-Line Pit Mat

Do you ever wonder what to do with the old pit towel after you have used it two times because it just gets thrashed by motor cleaner, grease, and whatever else you throw at it? Well, throw it in the trash because Pro-Line has your answer. Introducing an economical, long-lasting, and pit appearance enhancing pit mat -The Pro-Line Pit Mat.

The Pro-Line Pit Mat is backed with 1/16” high-density foam, is coated with a durable, long-lasting vinyl coating over the Pro-Line graphic, and is cost friendly. No more do you have to worry about throwing your pit towel away with the Pro-Line Pit Mat. Simply place on your pit, it’s anti-skid foam backing construction does not need to be taped down to stay centered in your pit, and you’re ready to go.



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