Novak Smart Tray Special Edition

(Source: Team Novak)

Get Smart with the Special Edition:

The Smart Tray SE Discharger is the ultimate battery maintenance equalizing system. In addition to all of the features found in the original Smart Tray (#4500), the Smart Tray SE (#4510) now contains new sights and sounds, an optional Hold Discharge Voltage Mode, as well as a higher voltage cut-off threshold.

Among the more noticeable enhancements found in the Smart Tray SE are its new sights and sounds. Cool blue LEDs, located beneath each cell, indicate the discharge status of each cell/battery pack. Accompanying the LEDs is a buzzer that will emit a short tone to indicate when the individual cell is discharged, and a long tone to indicate when the entire pack is discharged.

In addition to our standard mode, we’ve added an optional Hold Discharge Voltage Mode. In essence, whatever discharge voltage is selected, the Smart Tray SE will constantly monitor and hold each cell at the selected voltage. The Maximum Cut-Off Threshold has also been increased in the Smart Tray SE. In both the standard and the new Hold Discharge Voltage Mode, users can now choose from 0.0V to1.2V in 0.1 volt increments.

At the core of the Smart Tray SE is Novak’s exclusive Individual Cell Monitoring Circuitry (ICM). This sophisticated circuitry is microprocessor-controlled, which enables the Smart Tray SE to provide the highest degree of care and accuracy for all Ni-MH and Ni-Cd cells—especially for today's new breed of Ni-MH cells. The ICM Circuitry accurately discharges and monitors each individual cell’s voltage, and has an LED at each cell that indicates its discharge status. A user-programmable cut-off voltage is constantly displayed on a large easy-to-read 2-digit LED. Once the cut-off voltage of the individual cell is reached, the Smart Tray SE automatically stops discharging that cell (indicated by its LED going out), and subsequently eliminates the need to monitor the pack. When all the LEDs are out, the pack is discharged and equalized.

With each cell receiving individual care and attention, users can set it and forget it without worrying about damaging the batteries left in the discharge tray too long. A large heat sink provides ample cooling for discharge components, while a Lexan cover protects the electronics.

Novak Smart Tray

- Case Size: 6.96” x 3.00” x 2.75” (17.68 x 7.62 x 6.98 cm)
- Weight: 1.13 lbs. (513 grams)
- Cell Capacity: 1-6 Sub-C Ni-MH and/or Ni-Cd cells
- Cell Type: Sub-C Ni-MH and/or Ni-Cd cells
- Input Voltage: 12-15 Volts DC
- Discharge current: 2.7 amps
- Cut-Off voltage (adjustable): 0.1-0.9V/cell (0V in dead-short mode)

- New BLUE LEDs to indicate discharge status
- New buzzer to indicate when cell/pack discharge is complete
- New Hold Discharge Voltage Mode
- New Cut-Off Voltage (in both modes); Adjustable from 0.0-1.2V/cell in 0.1V increments
- Individual Cell Monitoring Circuitry (ICM)
- Adjustable Cut-Off Voltage (0.1 Volt increments)
- Push Button for ON/OFF control and cut-off voltage adjustment
- Dead-short mode
- Large easy-to-read 2-digit LED
- Discharge indicator LEDs at each cell
- Large cooling heatsink for long-term reliability
- True voltage cut-off adjustability for maximum pack "tuning"
- Convenient, high quality spring clips securely hold batteries in place
- Lexan faceplate protects the Smart Tray's electronics
- 12V Wall Adaptor included


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