Serpent 720

(Source: Serpent Model Racing Cars bv)

Essential information:

Serpent is pleased to announce their all-new 200mm race chassis, the Serpent 720. Based on the ultra successful Serpent 710, the car has been extensively tested on many different track conditions to ensure the best overall performance.

The 720 features the following major enhancements:
- Wider sweet spot makes for easier setup
- Easier assembly
- Front & rear factory assembled gear differentials
- Optimised geometry
- Pre-assembled RCC shock absorbers
- Improved features throughout

The debut race for this new chassis will take place on two separate continents on the same weekend, June 16-18. In Europe the 720 will be seen in action at the EFRA GP in the Netherlands whilst in North America the 720 will be competing at the US Nationals in Crystal Park Raceway, California.

Availability: July 2006


Serpent 720 1/10 Racing Car
Serpent 720 1/10 Racing Car
Serpent 720 1/10 Racing Car


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