Serpent new tools

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903202 - RCC shock absorber tool

Anodised aluminium tool to aid correct assembly of the RCC shock absorber.

Serpent RCC Tool

Presenting this new tool to make assembly of your RCC shock absorbers easy and correct every time. Featuring a knurled outer diameter this tool allows you to loosen and tighten the body of the shock absorber. Not only does it allow the user to do this with ease it also ensures that the shock piston is always set in the correct position for assembly by channelling the piston through the groove in the tool.

Serpent RCC Tool

A hardwearing anodised aluminium tool it features the Serpent oval engraved on the top.

Serpent RCC Tool

909598 - Centax II adjustment tool

Serpent is pleased to present this new tool specifically designed for use on the Centax II clutch system. Featuring laser etched Serpent oval and Centax II logos this black coated lightweight aluminium tool allows you to easily adjust the settings of your clutch whilst still in the car.

To use, simply place the pin at the end of the tool into the hole in the clutch bell and in turn into the groove in the clutch-adjusting nut and then turn the flywheel with your finger to adjust the clutch tension. Simple and precise and as an extra feature the large hole in the handle can be used to assemble the RCC shocks.

Serpent Centax Tool


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