No respect of the copyright of RC Infos

Popularity presents an obvious disadvantage: the copy and sometimes jealousy. RC Infos is more popular than ever, with a rate of evolution enormous and a very strong Google popularity, which involves obviously some problems of respect of the copyright.

RC Infos and its journalists start to cover many events, that other magazines and websites do not make, for various reasons. Many sites and magazines, have a perfect behavior, and respect our work, that for which we thank them. When they use our news, or our photographs, they do it in the respect, by keeping the mention of the copyright and by mentioning the source. We would have the right to refuse that they do it, but we gave to them this right, because it is good for them as for us. Moreover that functions in the two directions, we use also the news from other sources, which we mention as it should be.

However, a minority of dishonest persons prefer to use our work without respect, by copying and modifying our photographs, for their own interest, and obviously do not mention the source. They probably think that the readers are stupid, and that we do not see by their comportment. But the things always finish by being known, and if we do not see it by ourselves, our readers undertake to inform us about these bad comportments.

Thus, in February, RC Infos was already the victim of copy by the website We had then published an article on this subject, thinking that it would clarify the things. And it was the case, because following this article we received many emails of people anxious to know if their comportment were correct when they use our photographs and news, and it is the case when the source and the copyright are mentioned.

However, we have just discovered four new cases of copy, of which here are the details:

In the Italian magazine RCM, we found a photograph of RC Infos, without any mention of source.

The explanations of the chief editor are that it is an error of their journalist. However, no source is mentioned for all the photographs taken on Internet for their heading "infos of the world".

We accepted his excuses without problem.

RC Infos

The website, which had already stolen us the photographs of Motonica P8.0 in February, repete it !

Indeed, we found on this site our table of the finalists of the 1/8 Off Road European Championship "B" in Bruzolo, without any mention of source !

They just changed the titles of fields and renomed the countries into Italian.

This table is specific, with the fields which we decided to put at it, and in the order that we established. It acts of a copy, and no doubt on this subject is possible.

RC Infos

The website, acts in the same way that, by copying exactly the same table without mention of the source.

As explained, this table is specific, no doubt is possible.

RC Infos

The website copied one of our photographs of Bruzolo, then cuted it to remove the mention of "Copyright RC Infos", and published it with his own logo !

This photograph is very specific, because we had marked the differences between the engines with red circles, the copy is absolutely clear.

The explanation of auto-rc is that the photograph their was provided just as it is by one of their visitor, and whom they did not know that it came from RC Infos.

We accepted the excuses of More especially as they agreed to remove the copy and to place the original and mentioned the source.

RC Infos

We have much difficulty to understand of such comportment, more especially as we authorize the other magazines and websites to use our news and photographs (in some limit), in so far as they observe our conditions. There is thus no reason to take our work without indicating the source of it. On this subject, we will remain always inflexible and will continue to protect us as it should be.

On this subject, we invite you to read the explanations on the copyright and the terms of use of RC Infos.

The editor of RC Infos.


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