Ko Propo Esprit III Universe

(Source: Helger Racing)

Original text found on Helger Racing website:

"It's been a long wait but the Vantage III is out! A complete redesign gives the transmitter a new look although the 'feel' is still classic KO. Helios module will mean that the radio will be easily converted for use with 2.4Ghz.

Some of the features included in the Vantage III. KO are promising that the specifications will be finalised in the next few weeks and details will be published. As soon as we have them we'll post them up here so keep watching.

What better result can you have than to win first time out? Especially when it’s the World Championships.

KO Propo decided to reveal the new KO Vantage Esprit 3 for the very first time at the World Championships held in Italy.

Firstly, David Spashett claimed TQ and his third World Championship 1/12th scale title with his Corally SPM12X then Andy Moore driving the new Hot Bodies touring car proved without a doubt that to win you need the control that only a KO transmitter can offer. Both drivers had the benefit of the new KO Vantage Esprit 3 and new low profile PDS2413 (K30044) digital servo. Andy also drove the KO based Hara speed controller to set the pace in qualifying and win from Masami Hirosaka who was, interestingly also using the new KO Esprit 3 transmitter. Andy’s intelligent drive won him his first world championship title and we’re all delighted for him. As far as KO are concerned it just couldn’t get any better. Andy and David both agreed that the radio was by far the best they have ever used. The speed, positive feel and consistent control offered by the new electronics made their chassis feel totally locked into the sticks. We can’t give the full specifications of the radio yet, but what we can tell you is that it features digital trims and a jog dial selection control along with all the normal functions that you would expect from a top of the line KO radio. KO are promising that the specifications will be finalised in the next few weeks and details should be published before the end of September, with the release of the radio expected by Christmas. Can’t wait!!"



1) Large LCD screen-for easy reading
2) Jog dial-for easy access to all the control menu’s
3) Electronic digital trims-for precise control of servo/speedo position
4) Electronic digital neutral trim setting
5) Adjustable Throttle/steering sticks-for perfect alignment with your thumb movement
6) Brake balance adjustment
7) Quick end point adjustment
8) Throttle and steering curve adjustment
9) Rubber pads on rear of transmitter case for comfort and safety
10) Adjustable high frame rate for fast control response
11) Adjustable frame rates brings compatibility to older types of receiver
12) Ultra smooth digital signal transmission
13) 2.4Ghz compatible

Ko Propo Esprit III Universe
Ko Propo Esprit III Universe
Ko Propo Esprit III Universe


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