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#1486-00 - DNA1 190mm body

With the indoor carpet season and the huge IIC race only a few months away, its time to start getting ready. PROTOform has added a serious new contender in the body wars after much R & D. This new sedan coined the DNA1 comes from a great lineage of race bodies. For over a decade PROTOform bodies have been used in winning dozens of National titles the world over as well as 11 IFMAR World’s titles. Lets just say the DNA1 is a result of some good genes.

The DNA1 incorporates many performance features and styling cues with one aim in mind – great handling and balance on the high traction surfaces that are common at major carpet races. Its shape is the result of exhaustive testing by carpet ace Paul Lemieux and a few other title holding racers. Made to conform to all ROAR/IFMAR body rules. As usual it comes with protective film, decal sheet, window masks and wing hardware.


#1485-00 - DODGE Charger SRT8 190mm body

When Dodge re-introduced the Charger to their product line, it signaled the return of the “All-American Muscle Car.” Its broad shouldered bad-to-the-bone styling has been an instant favorite with today’s generation of car-guys. PROTOform is proud to be the first to bring the SRT8 Charger body style to the 1/10th scale RC enthusiast.

The Dodge Charger SRT8 is made to fit all the popular 190 mm touring car chassis, this body comes with a large tuner wing (that can be trimmed to whatever size you like) and a molded in front spitter to improve handling performance. It comes with protective film, window masks, decal sheet and wing mounting hardware. Oh ya, one last thing if you must ask: the supplied license plate decal indicates that yes, it’s definitely “GOTAHEMI”.



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