Team Orion Lipo 3200 carbon edition

(Source: Team Orion)

Because of the continuing success of the Platinum 4800 LiPo battery, Team Orion has gone back to the drawing board and created a version designed specifically for competition applications. The all-new Carbon Edition LiPo 3200 mimics the actual run times of today’s most popular competition NiMH cells, despite its lower capacity.


· 20C rated Kokam/Team Orion SLPB cells provide the safest output charge after charge.
· Low IR, 3200 mAh capacity provides up to 40% longer run times than NiMH equivalents.
· At 6.6 ounces, it is less than half the weight of a 6-cell NiMH battery.
· 7.4V SLPB Kokam cells in a 2S-1P configuration paired with Team Orion’s exclusive PCB interface provides the lowest loss connection available with industry leading protection against damage.
· Twisted gold plugs with Tamiya connector allow for easy installation.
· Cell balancing port.
· Attractive carbon look case.
· Excellent option for today’s high-performance 3D helicopters.

The Carbon Edition’s unique shape allows installation in vehicles that accept stick packs. Additionally, molded bumps along the battery’s underside lock it into position when used in slotted touring car chassis.

Team Orion Lipo 3200 carbon edition
Team Orion Lipo 3200 carbon edition


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