Team Tamale Clamp on Fan MOUNT

(Source: Team Tamale)

Team Tamale fan mount:

This is a new fan mount that clamps onto the can using a single 3mm screw. This mount is CNC machined from billet aluminum stock. This mount can hold up to 3 25mm fans. This was designed with 24 degree stock and 19t motors in mind and for just about any car that has access to the endbell end of the motor. Most sedans offer this kind of access. One fan is positioned to blow air directly at the opening in the endbell directly on the brushes. Another is positioned at 24 degrees to blow directly at the air vents in the can. The third position is another position over the can. The pictures show the mount and fans on my XRay T2 on a Komodo Dragon 19t. This combination accounted for about a 30 degree cooler operating temperature at our local carpet track.

Team Tamale Clamp on Fan MOUNT
Team Tamale Clamp on Fan MOUNT Team Tamale Clamp on Fan MOUNT


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