Xray 64 pitch Spur Gear

Xray T2 Offset Wheel Hubs

(Source: Xray)

Xray T2 Wheel Hubs

Wide range of CNC-machined, premium aircraft aluminum offset wheel hubs and shims for XRAY T2 allow you to precisely adjust the track-width of your T2 by fine increments. These clamping-style wheel hubs are strategically machined for optimum strength, balance, and lightness, and are marked for easy identification. Hubs offered in offsets of -0.75mm, +0.75mm, +1.5mm, and a 0.75mm shim is also available.

305350 T2 Alu Wheel Hub (2)
305351 T2 Alu Wheel Hub - Offset -0.75mm (2)
305352 T2 Alu Wheel Hub - Offset +0.75mm (2)
305353 T2 Alu Wheel Hub - Offset +1.5mm (2)
305380 Alu Wheel Shim Offset 0.75mm (2)


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