Trinity Brushless Motor

Trinity Brushless Motor

(Source: Trinity)

Trinity has let the battle of the brushless formats (sensor & sensor less) duke it out before releasing our Neodymium “N” series of Brushless racing motors for 1/12th, Touring, and Off-Road/Monster trucks. The “N” series features the trouble free sensor less technology which also affords the use of a variety of speed controls like the Castle Creations Mamba Max and similar models from M-tronics, Tekin etc.. With Trinity brushless you are not locked into one speed control model. As speedo technology changes you will be able to pick and choose the model that you prefer. Because we decided to go the sensor less route we were able to make the fastest motors for each racing discipline right off the bat. Brushless is a small class and instead of killing it with a new “Faster” model each week we made the fastest models you would need for the current classes right out of the box.

N40 4 Cell 1/12th Scale Racing Motor
N60 6 Cell 1/10th Touring Racing Motor
N80 6 Cell Off-Road Monster Truck Motor

We designed our brushless for 1/12th and touring utilizing a compact package that produces more power at a weight reduction over other 540 sized brushless motors. The lighter weight affords better handling. The motor case has a built in heatsink system to reduce temperatures and best of all the Trinity “N” series motors are built to be legal for all ROAR racing.


3 Turn Equivalent
Strongest Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets
Y Wind
Sensor Less
Meets all ROAR Specs
Sintered Balanced Rotor
Dual Precision Ball Bearings
Lead wires and connectors included, Leads soldered on N80

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