Kyosho MP777 WC

(Source: Kyosho America)

Based on the MP777 SP2, the new WC Edition will include many of the option parts develop over the last year in anticipation of the World Championship race. Each of the upgraded parts makes incremental improvements to what is already the most successful line of competition nitro off-road racers in the history of RC racing.

Using the 777 SP2 as the foundation of the WC Team Edition means the SP2 will benefit from all the parts developed for the WC Edition. In fact, many of the parts that will be included in the WC Team Edition kit are already available as option parts for the SP2. So if you're in the market for a new buggy and you want the best-equipped model available, the WC Team Edition is the clear choice.


The content of the WC Team Edition kit includes many features of the current SP2 plus all the following factory options:

-Partially equipped with titanium screws
-SP heavy-duty aluminum front chassis brace (IFW323F)
-SP heavy-duty aluminum rear chassis brace (IFW323R)
-2 Pair of ACRE bonded semi-metallic brake pads (IFW324)
-Hard front lower suspension arm (IF330H)
-Hard rear lower suspension arm (IF331H)
-Hard wing mount (IF121H)
-Hard dish wheels (IFH001)
-14T SP clutch bell (IFW47)
-48T lightweight spur gear (IFW325)
-New rear shock tower (TBA)
-New, heavy-duty shock diaphragms (TBA)

Kyosho MP777 WC


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