Team Orion IB 4200 WC

(Source: Team Orion)

Team Orion is pleased to announce the introduction of the all-new IB4200 World Champion cell. This cell, when enhanced using Team Orion’s exclusive voltage enhancement process, produces higher voltage with lower internal resistance than the SHV predecessor. Additionally, an average of 10-15 seconds more run time (at 30 amps) is available for more powerful race finishes.

World Champion V-Max Plus RDS voltage enhancement and IB cells are a potent combination. Regardless of your race experience or level of competition, Team Orion IB4200 World Champion cells provide a competitive edge.

Enjoy World Championship winning performance by placing your order with your local hobby shop to assure prompt delivery from the initial shipment

ORI11051 IB4200 WC Single Cell
ORI11312 IB4200 WC V-Max SPEC 6-cell
ORI11501 IB4200 WC V-Max Plus RDS Racer 6-cell
ORI11502 IB4200 WC V-Max Plus RDS Team 6-cell
ORI11505 IB4200 WC V-Max Plus RDS Racer 4-cell
ORI11506 IB4200 WC V-Max Plus RDS Team 4-cell

Team Orion IB 4200 WC


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