Mtroniks IP6 Speed Controller

(Source: Mtroniks)

After having concentrated for the last few years on the development of brushless sensorless speed controllers and having invested heavily in that technology, Mtroniks now has an unparalleled understanding of both brushed and brushless motor technology. Brushed motor technology has however continued and it is this coupled to the ever more powerful batteries that are available that has led our design team to develop the all new IP6 speed controller. The thinking behind this new controller is somewhat different to any of our previous high end controllers. The current handling capacity of the IP6 is 300% higher than the out going Cirrus PRO ESC. Mtroniks was the first manufacturer to offer a commercial high frequency controller back in 1996. The CM900VHF could operate up to 12KHz and was clearly years ahead of its time. We are therefore already familiar with high frequencies and understand very well the need for them. The IP6 sees the return of frequencies up to 11KHz to help motors run cooler and reduce brush wear. Of course the IP6 incorporates our legendary 100% waterproof construction with a small, lightweight package. The set-up procedure has been developed with the help of many drivers and industry professionals and is now easier to understand and faster to program. In all, the IP6 represents our most significant move forward in high end controller design for many years. We very much hope the IP6 will bring you enjoyment and success in your racing. For more information on the IP6 click on the speed controller tab on the left!

Mtroniks IP6 Speed Controller


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