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#6117-00 - High-Flow Fuel Bottle

Pro-Line introduces another nitro accessory with the release of their High-Flow Fuel Bottle. Designed to make filling your tank a little more convenient while saving time, Pro-Line’s new fuel bottle has a ¼” opening for fast as you can squeeze fill rate, a convenient oversized cap for easy on and easy off access, and a cap retainer so you don’t have to worry about losing your cap again. When you’re ready to add convenience and speed to your pit stops, check out Pro-Line’s new High-Flow Fuel Bottle.

Pro-Line - High-Flow Fuel Bottle

#6118-00 - Low-Pro Air Filter Assembly

Low-Pro is exactly what Pro-Line’s air filter is all about. It offers a much lower center of gravity versus traditional air filters, a pre-filter for added air flow protection and easier filter maintenance. It’s low profile design relieves your 1:8 buggy concourse body of unneeded stress, and it’s race proven. At the 2006 1:8 IFMAR World Championships, Pro-Line’s own Mark Pavidis utilized it to capture the top podium spot. And just a few weeks later, Pro-Line’s own Scott Hughes also used it to capture the US 1:8 Truck National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. The filter kit comes complete with filter, pre-filter, zip ties, low-pro boot, embossed Pro-Line logos, and Pro-Line quality. For easy air filter changing, check out the replacement foam filters available separately.

Pro-Line - Low-Pro Air Filter Assembly

#3227-00 - `72 Chevy C10 Long Bed fits REVO® 3.3, MGT, LST, LST2, Genesis

There’s nothing like a classic truck! It’s rugged design and non-plastic interior scream ingenuity making up its unique characteristics. Maybe that’s why most American’s have such awe for classics, or maybe it’s because of their simplicity. Whatever that case may be, you love them and are reminded of a different time. Pro-Line welcomes you back to a blast from the past with the release of the 1972 Chevy C10 long bed. Pro-Line’s classic car enthusiasts captured the overall essence of the C10 and is now available for REVO® 3.3, LST, LST2, MGT, TNX, and Genesis trucks. Complete with detailed stock and custom grilles, headlights, taillights, and that overall distinct C10 look, all you classic truck enthusiasts will not want to be left behind. When you’re looking to relive a classic time in automotive history, then check out Pro-Line’s new 1972 Chevy C10 long bed pick-up.

Pro-Line - `72 Chevy C10 Long Bed fits REVO® 3.3, MGT, LST, LST2, Genesis


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