Nomadio React

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Nomadio™ introduces the next generation of R/C controller - The “React™”.

100% Digital Control. Fastest reacting R/C radio there is, Period.

Two way all digital communication utilizing Frequency Hopping Digital Spread Spectrum (FHDSS) Technology.

Nomadio React

Philadelphia, PA—August, 2006,—Nomadio™ ( announced today that it has expanded its line of Radio Control (R/C) systems with another landmark product for the hobbyist market. The new control system is called “React™”. For the first time, R/C enthusiasts will be able to choose a high end radio with unmatched pure digital speed at a fraction of the cost of other brands' mid-priced radios. React™ transmits at 100Hz which makes it the fastest reacting R/C radio made. Furthermore, Nomadio standard 100mW RF output in FHDSS conforms to world wide ISM radio regulations.

Like the Sensor™ by Nomadio, the React™ can transmit telemetry back from the car as it is driven. The React™ system supports “feelers” that give the driver real time feedback of the car’s speed, battery voltage, and engine temperature. Unique to the RC market, the React™ radio system is software based; its capabilities may be altered / upgraded when it is connected to a personal computer and the Internet via the built in USB port.

Most R/C radios operate on 30 channels in the 75 MHz band. Other 2.4GHz radios are limited to fewer than 40 channels. The React™ system combines error-resistant spread spectrum and frequency hopping technologies, providing each radio with a unique, secure virtual channel allowing hundreds of simultaneous users.

Nomadio CEO Alex Gizis says, “The React™ targets both the top end racer and the back yard basher. React™ touts glitch-less performance of the 2.4 GHz band, unmatched speed and program flexibility not offered in other radios. The React™ is a top end full featured R/C controller with a mid line radio price.”

React R/C Controller:

-Radio Type: digital spread spectrum 2.4 GHz
-Radio Mode: frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHDSS) & direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)
-Game Mode: Though the USB cable to PC seen as game controller / joystick
-Range: 2000ft.
-Power Output: 100mW FHDSS / 10mW DSSS
-Frame Rate: 100 frames per second FHDSS / 50 frames in DSSS
-Total Latency: 5 millisecond max, 2ms typical
-Weight (w/Batteries): approximately 18 oz.
-Servo Channels: 4
-Four cell re-chargeable battery
-Model Memory: 40 named
-Controller Battery: Voltage Monitor: graphic and real-time
-Receiver Battery: Voltage Monitor: graphic and real-time
-Timers: operation and lap timers
-Trims: adjustable trims and sub-trims
-Controls: dual rate, endpoints, exponential, advanced brake mixing and servo speed adjust on all channels
-Anti-Lock: brake anti-lock with adjustable trigger, cycle, delay, depth, and steering trigger
-Idle Up: yes
-Tactile Alarm: programmable vibrator
-Display: Graphic LCD
-Resolution: 128 x 96 pixels
-Auto Modes: auto display and display only
-Presets: failsafe and auto start
-Telemetry: real time speed, temperature, and battery supported (sensors purchased separately)
-Servos Supported: any combination of analog and digital
-PC Connectivity: USB serial for charging, customization, analysis and updates
-Antenna: Built in
-Architecture: software upgradeable

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