Associated RC18R - 1/18 Rally

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Three versions will be available the second week of December, just in time for Christmas!

You've seen the big boys having fun road/rally racing on TV Sunday mornings. Well, the new AE RC18R Mitsubishi Lancer, Citroën Xsara, and the unique AE Kamino ground pounder will soon be burning up the track in your neighborhood back yards and local track!

AE RC18R - 1/18 Rally kits

Just like their cousins the 18T, 18B and 18MT, everything is included - the car, the transmitter, motor, battery, and charger are all in the box at no extra cost. All you'll need to do is charge the included race pack, add eight double A batteries and you are racing!

#20115 AE Kamino RTR

#20116 Citroën Xsara RTR

#20117 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution RTR

Associated RC18R - 1/18 Rally

Associated RC18R - 1/18 Rally Citroen Xsara

Associated RC18R - 1/18 Rally Mitsubishi Lancer

The RC18R features spoked wheels, an inline-mounted "Super 370" high-performance motor, which is bolted to an aluminum motor mount with several mounting holes to fit most aftermarket 1:18 scale hop-up motors.

A high-capacity 1100mAh nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack is included with the 18R, as well as a convenient charger


Pre-mounted tires, wheels - even molded inserts! - are included (Inserts, shown at left, are not sold separately).

Painted body with decals.

Spoked wheels.

Oil-filed shocks for smooth and consistent damping.

"XP" series electronics pre-installed in the 18R are completely modular, allowing easy access to the receiver, steering servo, and the "XPS" electronic speed control with reverse.

AE AT treaded tires.

Associated RC18R - 1/18 Rally
Associated RC18R - 1/18 Rally


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