Novarossi 35 plus 21 Lamberto Collari limited edition

(Source: Novarossi)

1/8" On Road - 35Plus21 LC Limited Edition

First of all, the powerful 35Plus21 engine is involved with further modification and improvement thanks to a long & tight collaboration (more than a year), between Novarossi and 7 times 1/8" On Road world champion Lamberto Collari. The engine will be provided in a thoroughly studied packaging suitable to contain, in addition to the engine, pipe, glow plugs, manifold and silicones. High quality product realised thanks to a modern technology, the 35PLUS21 LC is especially planned to meet fussy customers requirements. It is also inteded for those drivers looking for performance by mean of a quality, a reliable and powerful engine. This new engine result of a continuous research and assiduous tests held by Lamberto Collari on various National and International tracks is covered by 7 international patents.

Novarossi 35 plus 21 Lamberto Collari limited edition


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