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803171 - Body-support set Rear floating:

New for the Serpent 720 is this floating rear body support for use with GTP body shells and similar. This new product uses the same type of system to that is seen on the larger Serpent 960 and this set includes everything you need to mount the support to your chassis.

Included is a mechanism, using a small carbon plate and a pin, which keeps the rear body mount centred when the suspension goes up and down. Also coming in the package, along with the actual mount and body posts, is a new carbon mount for the upper rear connecting rods that features 6 different mounting positions to allow you to adjust your rear roll centre to further suit the new body type.

Additional information:

Comes with all the required fasteners to mount the body support to the Serpent 720.


803171 - Body-support set Rear floating
803171 - Body-support set Rear floating

803180 - Rear body brace SPP

This simple carbon plate from Serpent just happens to be a very simple and stylish solution to a common issue. Only 1mm in thickness and featuring the SPP logo the plate fits on the rear body mounts of the 720 and allows the body to sit as low as possible.

Normally you would use the supplied post stops to keep the body at a certain height but with some modern bodies sitting lower you cant use these and normally would have to use a strip of lexan or similar to allow it to sit lower. This lightweight product solves that problem and allows your body shell to sit as low as possible, and looks cool too when the body is off the car.

803180 - Rear body brace SPP
803180 - Rear body brace SPP


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